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Our Story

Our Story

Black Tech Founders allow you to ClubHop From Your Phone...In 2011

LIVEWAVES, began in 2011, with Andreas (Dre) Parsley-Williams (pictured on the right), developing an idea called CLUB2NITE while at TechCrunch in San Francisco, CA.  In 2012, Co-Founder Jason Wright (pictured left) joined the team after a phone pitch from Dre, who is one of his good friends and college football teammate at Tri-State University.  Club2Nite was a live-streaming social network on an event platform built to be the place where "Party Throwers and Party Goers Meet". It allowed users to purchase cover charges,  view night life venues "before" going to them physically and view PPV's in the app.  Users could "ClubHop" from their cell phone.  After launching the Mobile App in 2014, C2N had some small successes, doing events with artists like Cardi B, T.I. Lil Boosie, Webbie, Young Thug, Yo Gotti, Tony Tatum, Kent Jones, DJ Ascend, Juicy Bad Azz , Vika Cupnaia and many others. 

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          After 4 years of developing other projects, including a successful consulting firm, Andreas and Jason were settled on just assisting others in the "tech game" and building out (YouGot45) with Corey Evans.  Then the Pandemic hit.  They both realized that they had the technology in 2014 that the world needed in 2020. And after an issue with a movement against the technology that Club2Nite had,  Andreas and Jason decided that it was time to re-release and re-relaunch Club2Nite.  After discussion with Michael Dorsey, Richard Brigham and Corey Evans, Dre and Jason decided that a new name for their app and website would be needed.  After a brain-storming session.  Dre came came up with the name "LiveWaves".  Jason came up with slogan, "Live Connections, Endless Possibilities".  The the FUTURE.

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 This has been assembled with HBCU graduates, Pastors, music artists, college professors, entrepreneurs, graphic design/print specialists, comedy legends, military veterans, Six Sigma Certified Leaders, Operations Directors of multibillion dollar companies, radio show hosts, entertainment managers, event promoters and small business advocates.  

With a primarily black and female team, the builders of LiveWaves Inc., are primed to bring a unique mobile application, with keen familiarity to a market craving for something new and more efficient.  

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