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Live Video

Our Live Video streaming is a robust and powerful streaming solution for any and all content creators.  Our app has the ability to not only create live streams, but also allows individuals to get paid for their live streams in three different ways.  

The first way is through real cash tips on a live stream.  Second, an individual can set up a price for people to view their streams spontaneously.  Third, users can set up a pay-per-view ticket for a future date's live stream. 


LiveWaves protects the integrity of content creators, artists, authors, fitness instructors and any person who uploads any content to LiveWaves.  From our blocking screen-record technology, to our sound recording tracking, LiveWaves wants to assure that those who use our app to earn money, that we will within reasonable means protect their intellectual property.  

"The Wave"
Sound Player

As a user, The "Wave" Player allows you to purchase music, or get free music from different artists and place it into your playlist. Your playlist allows you to keep 30 songs at a time. 

As a content creator, The Wave Player allows you to upload sound recordings (music) for sale, as well as for free. The Wave player also tracks the sales of your song(s), and the number of times songs have been added to playlists, as well as the number of times your song has been played on LiveWaves.  We report to SoundScan and BDS. 


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